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Every new parent experiences those nights when their precious bundle of joy just won’t sleep. It’s exhausting for everyone, including baby. Since the beginning of time, parents have found and shared tricks to help their babies to sleep soundly. If you’ve tried all the old tricks and nothing seems to be working, you may be interested in trying a baby sound machine. Many of these baby white noise machines we feature here look like any other plush toy: the Cloud b sleep sheep, twilight sea turtle and other lullabies for babies.

This idea behind these baby sound machines is that noises in and around the house can disrupt your baby’s sleep. Adding other calming sounds to their room, like ocean waves or a mother’s heartbeat, will distract a baby from hearing these other sounds and lull them to sleep. They’re like an audio pacifier.

The Cloud b Sleep Sheep

But these plush toys have the added feature of having timed, recorded sounds that play as your baby settles down. Some will automatically shut off after 20 minutes or so, while others will last much longer, playing calming sounds that many parents have found to be very helpful in helping their babies to sleep.

One of the most popular of these sound machines for babies is the Cloud b Sleep Sheep.

It has won a number of industry awards, including the National Parenting Council’s Seal of Approval and the i Parenting Media Award. Like other plush toys, it is perfectly safe to put in your baby’s crib.  It is lightweight and features 4 soothing sounds that you can choose from: Whale Songs, Ocean Surf, Spring Showers or Mothers Heartbeat. it is also known as a baby sound machine heartbeat

What is great is that you can control the volume and it will automatically time out after 23 minutes or 45 minutes. It takes two “AA” batteries, which are included. You can remove the sound box too, if your child wants to use it as a stuffed toy later on. It also means you can wash the plush toy in the machine, and use a wet cloth to clean the sound box.

There are many of these baby white noise machines available from a number of retailers, including

The Sleep Sheep is one that is consistently highly rated with customers. Out of 759 customer reviews, 485 gave it 5 stars, while 118 gave it 4 stars. That means that 80% of people who bought it and wrote a review were very satisfied. One of the main complaints from those who didn’t like it so much was that it didn’t have a continuous play option. They found their babies would wake up after the automatic shut off.

But for the parents who were satisfied, some said that it was a godsend. Many said they were so happy with it that they were purchasing it as a gift for other new parents. So the tradition of parents sharing sleep tricks for babies continues! One mother said she sent the Sleep Sheep to daycare and before long, several other children had one. The teachers loved it because it helped all the kids get to sleep.

To get a Sleep Sheep for only $30.95, click here. It’s a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep… for baby and for you!

baby sound machine

baby sound machine that doesn’t turn off

baby sound machine target

Target is one of the largest division of Dayton Hudson Corporation, and later the company was renamed as Target Corporation in August 2000. In 2013, Target expanded into Canada and now operates over 100 locations. baby sound machine Target are:

MyBaby by Homedics SoundSpa – Portable

The Homedics mybaby sound spa serie come six nature sounds to choose from heartbeat, white noise, ocean, summer night, thunderstorm and brook. The soundspa portable is perfect at home or when you travel, working off of four AA batteries (not included) or the included adaptor. The 15, 30, or 60 minute auto-off timer makes the soundspa portable not just easy to take with you, but easy to use.

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